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Current Projects

MTLGY: Montology: A Primer of Mountain Geographies (prospective Springer-Nature)

AMALEG:  Investigating Ecological Legacy of Amazonian Forests (prospective funding, NSF to FIT)

MTHER: Culture/Nature Heritage Conservation of Andean Flanks (prospective funding, NGS)

ISMS: International Symposium of Mountain Studies (prospective funding, SDM-UNU-IGU)

VULPES: VULnerability of Populations in Extreme Scenarios  (NSF-Belmont Forum to FIT)

IPSI-EC: BioCultural Diversity and Microrefugia (Satoyama, NEBLF-GEF)

IFF: Indigenous Foods and Fibers (Willson Center Research Cluster, prospective funding OIE/OVPR-IAF)

SSIR: Sacred Sites and Indigenous Revival (LACSI Research Initiative)