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There are several colleagues participating in the NMC.  Among them, faculty at the University of Georgia's Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute and the Institute of Native American Studies, Sustainability Program, Integrative Conservation Program, and other other academic units, including anthropology, environmental design, ecology, forestry, food science, engineering, journalism, Horticulture, etc.  Some research groups have been formed, such as the Collaborative Research Node of Biocultural Heritage, the Willson Center's Research Cluster on Indigenous Foods and Fibers, the faculty group on Sacred Sites Conservation, and the Neotropical Montology Initiative of LACSI.

• Director:  Fausto O. Sarmiento

• Visiting scholars: Tomás Ibarra (Chile), Ellen Delgado (Peru), Samia Fernández (Peru), Kelly Swing (Ecuador), Oliver Chassot (Costa Rica), Constanza Ceruti (Argentina), Ricardo Rozzi (Chile).

• Undergraduate mentees: Eric Méndez, Colton Stokes, Nethra Rajendran, Ayah Abdelwahab.

Former students: César Cotacachi, Mario Giraldo, Mario Donoso, David Cotacachi, Brandon Combs, Ian Rossiter, Inhye Kong.

• Current graduate student: Constanza Urresty (MA).

• Current graduate committee advising: Chandler, PhD Forestry, UGA; Andrés Quintero, Universidad del Valle, Colombia;  Daniel Villar, University of Oxford, England.

• Former graduate committee advising: Benjamin Prioux, MLA UGA; Octavian-Andrian Stamate, University of Liege, Belgium; Steve Padget-Vasquez, PhD. Geography ICON University of Georgia; Kenneth Taylor, Ph.D.  Landscape Heritage.  Deakin, Australia; Berea Antaki, MSc.  Family and Consumer Science.  University of Georgia; Mallika Dinesh, MLA.  Environmental Planning.  University of Georgia; Avery Watson, M.Sc.  Natural Resources.  Warnell School of Forestry. University of Georgia; Adam Clause, PhD. Wildlife Management.  Warnell School of Forestry.  University of Georgia; Caren Remillard, M.Sc.  Geography.  University of Georgia; Adriana Rincón, M.Sc.  Geography.  University of Georgia; Ujuani Das. PhD. Geography, University of Georgia; Carla Marchant.  PhD. Geography.  University of Innsbruck, Austria; Esmeralda Guevara, Ph.D.  Sustainability, Prescott College. Arizona; Rocío Rodríguez-Granados.  Anthropology, University of Georgia; Isabel Jácome, MLA.  Landscape Architecture, University of Georgia; Lee Carter, BA. Anthropology Honor Thesis. University of Georgia; Rita Matthew.  PhD. Geography, University of Georgia; Michael R. Coughlan, Anthropology, University of Georgia; Chris Graham.  MSc.  Plant Sciences, University of Georgia; Sakura Evans.  PhD. Anthropology, University of Georgia; Ted Maclin.  PhD. Anthropology, University of Georgia; Zaroo Hyeon. PhD. Geography, University of Georgia; Polly Bass, PhD. Geography, University of Georgia; María Tucker, MA. Journalism, University of Georgia; Monica Hayden, MLA.  Historic Preservation, University of Georgia; Garner Dewey, Ph.D. Professional Studies, University of Georgia; Thor Härjsen, M.Sc. Biodiversity Conservation.  Aarhus University, Denmark; Eric Jones, Ph.D. Anthropology, University of Georgia; David Shaefer, B.Sc. Interdisciplinary Latin American Studies, University of Georgia; William Vandeberg, Ph.D. Anthropology, University of Georgia; Xavier Viteri Oquendo, M.Sc. Conservation Biology, Illinois State University; Elisa Berg, M.A. Anthropology. University of Georgia; Robert Lieberman, Ph.D. Geography, University of Georgia; Edward Chaurette, M.Sc. Environmental Studies, Carlton University; James Reed, Ph.D. Anthropology, University of Georgia; Jennifer Osha, M.Sc. Forestry.  Yale University

• Prospective students: Alexander Miele, Neda Moyahedin.