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Primer of Montology

This is an edited scholarly book series on Montology: Convergent Science of Mountains for Development and Innovation with at least four inaugural volumes:

  • Montology Palimpsest: A primer of mountain geographies.
  • Mountain Lexicon: A corpus of montology and innovation. 
  • Montology: A global application for mountainous countries. 
  • Pedagogies for mountain development and innovation. 

The introductory textbook is designed to teach the reader about the new understanding of the theory of Montology by basing the narrative of political ecology and critical biogeography as determinants of the way we appropriate mountanscapes.  The basic book to lay out the conceptualization of montology as applied to the convergent mountain science is an alternative source for learning about sentient landscapes with noetic approaches that require a new transdisciplinary, consilient, biocultural heritage framework for protection.

The following edited books will contribute to a) the standardization of montological terminology and the inclusion of new technical terminology specifically used in the field. The montology lexicon will contribute with a review of the annotated bibliography of mountain geography and the development of the new corpus of montology; b) the identification of the major players in the developing of transdisciplinary approaches for mountain research around the world, and will give the IGU-Commission of Mountain Studies (CMS) a much needed state-of-the-art directory of scholars and research institutions following montology; the nuanced perspective of disaster risk reduction and management of ecological and social repercussion of mountain livelihoods associated with extreme topography and other mountain specificities affecting the outcome of sustainable, regenerative development; and the much-needed frame for education about mountains that is inclusive, integrative, cross-cutting and convergent for the universities and other educational centers offering graduate and undergraduate degrees in mountain management for biocultural diversity heritage and sustainable, regenerative development.

Publisher: Springer Nature/Switzerland

Project Website:
Neotropical Montology Collaboratory